Audit Reporting

Audit Reporting

Enable audit-ready reporting for recurring security reviews and compliance audits




Meet On-Going Compliance Requirements

Lack of uniformity and control across complex enterprise platforms represents significant security risks, but also substantial cost and effort during an audit. To stay in compliance with regulations and business policies you need to be able to address this issue and be prepared for recurring security reviews or compliance audits.

Audit-ready reporting

Omada’s Audit Report delivers audit-ready reporting and enables you to meet ongoing compliance requirements, at the push of a button, reducing the cost for the audits significantly. 

The Audit Report detects security, operational, and compliance issues, including, insider abuse, policy violations, application availability. The interactive report enables you to click into the details for additional investigation and evidence handling.

Omada Audit Report highlights:

  • Critical access rights granted to employees and contractors without appropriate clearance level
  • Active accounts for employees and contractors that have left the company
  • Cross-system identification of business critical data such as privacy data
  • Accounts without owners need to be identified and highlighted so they can be assigned or removed
  • Contractors with access to business critical applications should be reevaluated by their manager at a fixed frequency

Access Insight in Three Simple Steps

Extract and upload access data from existing systems

Match identity and access data and classify resources and account types

Generate full overview of access rights for in-depth audit reporting

Easily Demonstrate Compliance

By automating controls you can be confident that users’ access is maintained at the level they actually need, reducing your security risk profile and enabling you to more easily demonstrate compliance.

On-Going Compliance Improvement

On-Going Compliance Improvement

Out-of-the-box reporting options helps you set up identity and access monitoring conditions to support compliance requirements, so compliance is improved continuously.

Evaluate Process Effectiveness

Evaluate Process Effectiveness

The Audit Report pinpoints which identity and access-related processes are most in need of attention, and includes common measurements for analysis and reporting on your compliance effort.

Access Risk Management

Access Risk Management

Delivers a true real-time overview of who has access to what, for instant detection and mitigation of access related risks. The Audit Report provides immediate and actionable intelligence so you can respond to critical issues.

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