Automated Workflows

Automated Workflows





Workflow Support of Core IAM Functionalities

Most functionalities in Omada Identity are supported by automated built-in workflows to ensure that assignments are carried out, reminders are sent, tasks are delegated or reassigned, or the process is escalated in case a task is not completed.

Recertification workflows

Recertification workflows enables organizations to perform attestation for validation and approval of the current state of identities, account ownership, and resource assignments. The solution features multiple and configurable survey types such as user entitlements survey, accounts survey, permission entitlements survey, permissions survey, business description survey. The recertification engine allows for the definition of scheduled or event based attestation/certification as well as on-going periodical re-certification approaches.

Regular recertification of users’ access rights plays a vital part in meeting regulatory requirements and enforce security policies. Failure to carry out periodic attestation of access rights might compromise the IT security. Lack of a consistent recertification process is largely due to outdated, manual paper-based processes.

The solution provides automated surveys to review what employees/contractors have access to. Surveys can be scheduled yearly or bi-yearly, based on certain events like an audit, or triggered ad hoc.

Efficient access management reduces IT costs and supports preventive compliance tasks by automating routine tasks through workflows and automation: 

  • Standardized yet highly configurable access management workflows such as access requests, onboard user, change department, and off-board employees and/or Contractors
  • Unique standardized application, system and ressource on- and off-boarding process
  • Advanced visual identity management process automation
  • In-process policy enforcement (E.g. SoD)
  • Role-based access management
  • Out-of-the-box attestation survey management that can be customized