Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Identity management is the discipline of managing users’ access rights, ensuring that the right people, have the right access at the right time.



Secure your Business

In large corporate IT environments obtaining the control and overview of thousands of internal or external users, with access to a multitude of systems and applications, is not a simple task. Surveys show that up to 70% of users have unauthorized access to confidential business data. As such, employees are considered the most likely source of corporate security breaches – whether they happen deliberately or unintentionally. Consequently, an identity and access management system is a prerequisite for securing businesses against security breaches and leaks of business critical data.

Having full visibility of the people and systems who make up the corporation – employees and contractors, on premise and cloud-based services, systems and applications – is essential in understanding where the security risks are, and how to counter them. By obtaining full visibility and control of identities, corporations are able to improve security systematically and efficiently.

Omada offers identity and access management solutions to help you prevent security breaches. Contact us today and learn more about access governance management and our identity and access management tools.

Security Challenges:

  • 30% of employees leaving the enterprise typically do not have all access rights removed promptly
  • Enterprise-wide transparency of access rights is unavailable
  • ‘Least privilege’ principle is often not implemented
  • Monitoring toxic combinations of accumulated access rights is difficult
  • Failure to control separation of duty (SoD) may lead to fraud and financial losses
  • Complex and insecure authentication of users for password resets
 Identity Management System

Identity Management System

Omada Identity is an identity and access management solution that empowers enterprises to manage identities across heterogeneous IT-systems and is acclaimed for its business-centric approach and high usability. The flexibility of the solution allows a high degree of configuration, enabling enterprises to meet business specific requirements. This approach reduces the need for custom development, decreasing deployment time, so ROI is achieved fast.

The solution offers end-to-end user provisioning and access management. Key functionality of our identity management system includes:

  • Identity lifecycle management
  • Provisioning
  • Self-service processes
  • Password management
  • Approval workflows
  • Segregation of duties (SoD)
  • Role management
  • Audit reporting.

What is identity and access management?

Often abbreviated IAM, identity and access management is a framework used to manage and control user access. By using an identity and access management system, the company controls which data and information its users have access to.

By using Omada Identity, permissions can be granted manually and automatically, depending on the user’s assigned role in the company. Using Omada software to prevent data and information breaches, complying with domestic and international legislation is easier than ever.

Learn more about the essential identity management functionality of Omada Identity:

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Improve your IT security and manage access across all systems

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Ensure Compliance with built-in automated access rights policies 

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Automate processes, boost efficiency, and enable your business 

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