Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Get complete control and overview of access to sensitive information and intellectual property across on-premise or cloud-based data stores.



Business Risk

Operating an efficient business requires easy access to use of a multitude of IT systems, applications, and data stores located in the cloud or in the data center. Increasingly, sensitive data and information is stored across multiple applications and data stores, and shared across organizational departments with contractors, suppliers, outsourcing providers, and other users.

Sensitive data and information in the wrong hands may  cause severe damage and put the business at risk. Organizations are on the alert with a growing understanding of how security breaches affect the business: Disclosure of sensitive information such as patents, business forecasts, personnel data, innovations, and other important assets may cause significant damage and put the business at risk.

Get a Detailed Overview of your Risk Exposure

Omada Identity delivers significant business value to your organization. The solution provides a consolidated picture across a select number of the most critical applications, such as ERP systems like SAP, Active Directory, and cloud applications.

The detailed reporting and analysis functionality renders a compelling insight of risk exposure related to granted access rights. Detailed reports will highlight which remediating actions are required in order to improve compliance status immediately in order to adhere to compliance regulations.

Run Continuous Risk Checks for On-Going Compliance

Many organizations operate with scheduled security reassessment intervals once or twice a year, an approach that may leave gaps in security for months at a time. For mission-critical information systems, it is highly recommended to conduct a risk check more frequently.

To constantly monitor and alert if policies are violated or security is compromised, Omada’s Risk Check solution can be installed to run as a continuous activity, after the initial service has been wrapped up and the result is concluded. Additional systems and data can be onboarded into the service for a broader perspective and control of all assets in the corporation.

Compliance Dashboard - Complete Data Insight

Compliance Dashboard - Complete Data Insight

Omada Identity provides a unique ‘Compliance Dashboard’. The dashboard renders compelling insights into connected systems, showing the exact compliance level and data quality level per application and system. From the high level overview it is possible to drill down into detailed data. The process can be repeated to ensure that critical findings have been remediated.

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