Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

The regulatory framework that applies to the financial industry requires control and compliance of often highly complex IT environments with large numbers of users.




Control and Compliance across Complex IT Environments

The financial sector has to deal with increasing national and international industry regulations such as EU GDPR, BaFin, Basel II, SOX, and Solvency II. The regulatory framework that applies to the industry requires control and compliance of identity and access management in highly complex IT environments with large numbers of users. 

A common trait for financial organizations is a core need to uphold a strong reputation and trust, while enabling employees and customers easy access to a multitude of systems and applications. As such, an integral part of the business is to safeguard information and securely control, execute, and manage systems to deliver customer-centric services while maintaining the utmost level of security and compliance.

In many countries financial supervisory authorities require that banks possess and implement systems to ensure that access rights are both assigned and recertified correctly, and that toxic access rights can be identified and dealt with.

Efficient Management of Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Efficient Management of Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Omada Identity ensures transparency across complex IT systems and provides automated processes for attestation, reporting, and separation of duties (SoD). The solution enables bank and finance organizations to automatically enforce policies, provide instant documentation and reporting of users’ access rights and entitlements - to efficiently manage governance, risk, and compliance without restraining users’ access to systems and applications.

Based on Microsoft technology, Omada’s identity management and access governance solution provides deep access intelligence across highly complex IT environments, gathering identity and entitlement data from all enterprise applications on premise, outsourced, or cloud-based. Omada's focus on business-centric governance solutions and services has clear appeal to the financial sector providing enterprise-wide control and compliance, efficient user provisioning, and automated processes for separation of duties and policy enforcement.

Solution Overview

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Omada has a solid track record in the financial industry solving governance and compliance challenges by providing innovative IT-based identity management solutions as well as consulting services based on our in-depth expertise.
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