Health Care

Health Care

Strengthen Your User Management to Ensure Compliant Access Control of Sensitive and Confidential Patient Data




Strengthen Your User Management to Protect Patient Data and Ensure Compliance

Healthcare organizations face extreme pressure to embrace the move to electronic health records while ensuring patient privacy. Over the past decade, healthcare provider organizations have faced ever increasing pressure to address regulatory compliance requirements and increasing cybercrime. Intentional or unintentional data leaks involve the risk of causing unnecessary harm or distress to the patient and embarrassment and damage to the organization’s reputation plus the risk of significant fines. Developing a culture of awareness and accountability among staff when it comes to security issues is essential to any organization operating in a healthcare environment.

Secure Access to Confidential and Sensitive data

Secure Access to Confidential and Sensitive data

Omada Identity provides a strong set of governance and administration features for identity and access that includes tools for the entire identity lifecycle process, access request processes, policy management, and attestation.

Enable your business with secure access to the right information at the right time – provided with automated controls, based on business policies. The solution addresses insider threats with continuous monitoring and remediation throughout the user lifecycle. The identity governance platform helps you to place your compliance efforts centrally where they should be and ensure secure access to all systems and applications across the entire platform.

The solution helps you strengthen your identity and access management to protect privacy data against fraud, insider abuse, and cyber-attacks. You will be able to ensure confidentiality and trust as an essential part of your relationship between your organization and patients and meet the obligations set out in the Data Protection Act. You get an effective tool to balance the need to collect personal data and use personal information – with the aim of benefiting the patient – against the need to protect individual’s right and privacy.

Solution Overview


Built-in standard processes for core identity management and access governance functionality


Business Enablement

Automated onboarding of multiple applications across heterogeneous platforms

Continuous Compliance

Automated reconciliation workflows to validate that access rights policies are adhered to


Best ROI

Configurable and scalable solution that encompasses future identity management requirements 

Secure Access

Automated recertification / attestation surveys for manager approval of users’ access rights


Self-service access rights request portal and password reset reduces help desk workload

Selected Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Customers

Omada has solved identity and access governance related challenges for market leading life science organizations, providing innovative IT-based solutions based on our in-depth expertise.
Bayer Group
UCB Pharma
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