Automated Workflows for Identity Management and Access Governance Enables Secure Collaboration with Business Partners and Contractors




Support Operational Efficiency by Automating User Administration Processes

Enterprises within the manufacturing sector typically operate in a market with thin margins and global competition. To sustain efficiency and cut down user administration cost while ensuring compliance with industry specific regulations are the challenging concerns in manufacturing industries. Customers, partners, suppliers, and employees around the globe require system access, efficient automated processes, and global management. To stay ahead in the global competitive market, manufacturing enterprises need to be agile and flexible while maintaining a high security level and clear business overview.

In addition, regulatory legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) has a significant impact on information security, data access and segregation of duties (SOD) policies, which requires mature processes for access certifications and policy management to ensure that policies are in place and adhered to.

Automated Processes Enable Secure Day-One Access and Self-Service

Automated Processes Enable Secure Day-One Access and Self-Service

Omada Identity enables large global enterprises to automate user provisioning and administration processes, and provides self-service access request with password reset processes for improved efficiency. Built-in best-practice processes for core identity lifecycle management, role based access management, and segregation of duty, with integration to complex platforms such as SAP and Microsoft, support operational efficiency and security and is a contributing factor in retaining a competitive edge in highly competitive markets.

Solution Overview

Business Benefits

Automating user administration processes and implementing integrated identity management and access governance enables manufacturing enterprises to provide day-one access for employees, contractors, and customers, free up resources in the IT department and continuously maintain compliance.

  • Automated processes for password reset and provisioning workflows relieve help-desk and IT resources
  • Easy onboarding of employees and contractors with day-one access to the systems they need to do their job
  • Advanced audit-ready reporting and documentation saves time preparing for audit reviews
  • User-friendly self-service access request portal and password reset reduces waiting time for employees
  • Efficient risk management with complete overview of access rights and potential security policy violations

Selected Manufacturing Customers

Omada has implemented integrated identity management and access governance solutions in market leading global manufacturing enterprises.
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