Streamlined Processes for Efficient User Management Ensures Easily Accessible Services and Administrative Savings in Public Organizations




Identity Management Ensures Strong Security and Streamlined Processes

The public sector is complex and faces increasing and often conflicting demands from politicians, businesses, citizens, and employees. While the public sector is subject to cost constraints and budget deficits, users request easily accessible services, reliable information, and improved efficiency. On the other hand, consolidation, and centralization of tasks across municipalities, regions, institutions, and organizations by utilizing identity management and access governance for streamlining processes, create a substantial potential for process optimizations, administrative cost-savings, and improved user experience.


Built-in standard processes for core identity management and access governance functionality


Business Enablement

Automated onboarding of multiple applications across heterogeneous platforms

Continuous Compliance

Automated reconciliation workflows to validate that access rights policies are adhered to


Best ROI

Configurable and scalable solution that encompasses future identity management requirements 

Secure Access

Automated recertification / attestation surveys for manager approval of users’ access rights


Self-service access rights request portal and password reset reduces help desk workload

Automate Time-Consuming User Management Processes

Automate Time-Consuming User Management Processes

Omada Identity delivers solutions and services that efficiently automate time consuming manual processes such as change of users’ access rights, onboarding of new employees with appropriate access rights, as well as termination of users who leave the organization. As Omada Identity is built entirely on Microsoft technology, the solution integrates with AD and other Microsoft technology to leverage and complement it with compelling functionality.

The solution helps you release resources, save time and cut costs in the administration by streamlining processes to ensure that policies, processes, and systems are in place to deliver high efficiency, strong security, and quick return of investments. Omada's solution automates the work processes of hiring new employees ensuring a hassle free and effective job start.

Solution Overview

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Omada Identity helps public organization to efficiently automate time-consuming manual processes for improved user experience
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