Best Cost-Benefit Identity Management Solution for Easy Onboarding and Off-boarding of Employees




Manage High Employee Volumes, Support Business Needs, and Improve User Services

Retail organizations are often challenged by high employee turnover, changing business needs and increasing compliance requirements. Consequently, management of identity and user access for employees that join, transfer, or leave the organization is both critical and time consuming.

Empower Users with Easy Access

Empower Users with Easy Access

Omada Identity automates employee lifecycle management processes and offers smart and scalable processes to manage high employee volumes. The solution empowers department managers to easily request, approve, and manage access for employees. With streamlined identity and access processes you are able to provide a better service to IT users, reduce internal IT costs and scale in line with changing business needs. The solution empowers you to fulfill compliance requirements in an automated employee life cycle management that strengthens controls and improve audit performance across on premise and cloud applications. You get an integrated identity solution that reduces identity compliance costs, saves time and empowers users to easily request, approve and manage access. You’ll be able to keep track of users with critical access and SOD violations with efficient controls and you can provide auditors the necessary documentation and business justifications when they review your system.

Solution Overview


Built-in standard processes for core identity management and access governance functionality


Business Enablement

Automated onboarding of multiple applications across heterogeneous platforms

Continuous Compliance

Automated reconciliation workflows to validate that access rights policies are adhered to


Best ROI

Configurable and scalable solution that encompasses future identity management requirements 

Secure Access

Automated recertification / attestation surveys for manager approval of users’ access rights


Self-service access rights request portal and password reset reduces help desk workload

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