Telco Industries

Telco Industries

Gain visibility into user access, overview of user registrations and ensure rapid deployment of user credentials.




Support Business Collaboration and Secure User Access to your Digitized Services

Telecom companies manage large user bases across national borders involving personal data and financial transactions via mobile phones. The operator is required to ensure that such information is safeguarded against possible threats. With a large number of internal users (employees), vendors and customers, it can be challenging for IT departments in telecom organizations to define and control what goes into the identity and access management dynamics. Any loophole in the system is critical for the company’s reputation and business.

Enhance and Extend your Digital Infrastructure

Enhance and Extend your Digital Infrastructure

Omada Identity provides easy and safe access for users and ensures continuous overview of systems and data. Automated processes based on best-practice standards help you determine the right level of access for employees, vendors, and customers to ensure seamless service delivery. IAM improves your operational efficiency and visibility into user access, overview of user registrations, and enable rapid deployment of user credentials.

The solution helps you to meet business, legal, as well as operational requirements to user administration and policy management. You will be able to create and control user access across complex systems and networks to make your digital service available to your customers easy and securely. With the help of Omada’s robust IAM platform you can protect your brands and image while delivering services that are in sync with modern day needs such as sharing specific customer data in a secure manner. You will be able to generate user friendly reports based on data in the system and support multiple applications/protocols.


Solution Overview


Built-in standard processes for core identity management and access governance functionality


Business Enablement

Automated onboarding of multiple applications across heterogeneous platforms

Continuous Compliance

Automated reconciliation workflows to validate that access rights policies are adhered to


Best ROI

Configurable and scalable solution that encompasses future identity management requirements 

Secure Access

Automated recertification / attestation surveys for manager approval of users’ access rights


Self-service access rights request portal and password reset reduces help desk workload

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Telenor Norway is part of the Telenor Group. Telenor’s wholly owned Norwegian mobile operation is the country’s leading telecommunications operator and Telenor’s service portfolio in Norway includes fixed and mobile telephony, broadband and data communication services for residential and business customers, as well as a broad range of wholesale services

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