Protect critical data by implementing solid policies, procedures, tools, and intelligence as part of your cyber-security strategy based on core IAM functionality. 




Integrated Identity Management and Access Governance Improves Visibility and Control across Disparate Systems

The proliferation of cyber-attacks poses a significant threat to critical infrastructures like energy and utility enterprises - sectors that play a pivotal role in the stability of nation states. To protect IP, vital data, and systems and build a solid security foundation it is crucial to have in place a strong IT cybersecurity infrastructure, extensive governance processes, and organizational awareness.

Utility organizations depend on agile and cost-effective IT solutions such as trade systems, stock systems, consumption registration (meter reading), billing, accounting, and identity management solutions for control and compliance. Organizations face regulatory requirements to provide strictly separated access rights, and Segregation of Duties (SoD), as well as documentation for this separate access for reporting purposes.

Efficient governance reporting and attestation

Efficient governance reporting and attestation

Omada Identity offers utility organizations deep visibility into who has access to what – along with automated controls, based on company-defined policies. The solution addresses cyber-security threats with continuous monitoring and remediation throughout the user lifecycle (from on-boarding through job changes, and eventual termination). The Omada solution effectively addresses industry specific regulations and standards such as NERC CIP, CFATS, MTSA, NIST SP800, C-TPAT, and ANSI/ISA99 - in addition to business regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley.

The solution automates access certification and replaces costly manual processes with far greater efficiency and accuracy. Real-time policy monitoring provides continuous detection and enforcement of separation-of-duty (SoD) and other access policy violations. You get detailed business and technical reports for easy documentation and demonstration of auditor requirements. Manual processes are eliminated, saving time and money while enhancing control and accuracy which enables you to streamline the creation, access management, and deletion of centrally managed shares and folders in the distributed file system. Also, you obtain an easy reporting overview to fulfill regulatory requirements within the management of identities and permissions.

Solution Overview


Built-in standard processes for core identity management and access governance functionality


Business Enablement

Automated onboarding of multiple applications across heterogeneous platforms

Continuous Compliance

Automated reconciliation workflows to validate that access rights policies are adhered to


Best ROI

Configurable and scalable solution that encompasses future identity management requirements 

Secure Access

Automated recertification / attestation surveys for manager approval of users’ access rights


Self-service access rights request portal and password reset reduces help desk workload

Selected Utility and Energy Industry Customers

Omada has solved identity and access related challenges for market-leading utility companies, providing innovative IT-based solutions as well as consulting services based on our in-depth expertise.
NuStar Energy
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Related Reading: Vattenfall Customer Case

Vattenfall Europe - the German branch of Vattenfall and Germany’s third largest electricity company, has successfully gone live with the Omada Identity solution. The solution enables Vattenfall to streamline the management of access rights.

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