Wanna Share?

Wanna Share?

Bank Details? Passport number? Or how about medical records?

Every transaction we make is based on trust. Between companies. Between suppliers. But most of all between people. Companies who work with us never unwittingly share data. Because they have it under control. And as a result they work in an environment in which trust - and business - thrives.

Good identity management is essential to good business

It's essential for compliance with pending EU regulations. For secure, efficient workflows. And, most of all, for trust. Only then does identity management become more than a license to operate. It becomes a major asset.

Gartner Research: "Why You Need and IAM Program"

At Omada, we focus on the potential of identity and access management to create value for our customers worldwide. The only identity and access management platform built on Microsoft stack, our solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure to enhance the security, efficiency, and compliance of privacy data handling. With the GDPR due to go live on 25 May 2018, we make sure you are compliant with its demands for data security and access management within a few months.

Microsoft Gold Partner

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