Burton Group: "Omada - a Key Solution for Managing Roles in Microsoft and SAP Environments!"

June, 2007 - Leading research company, Burton Group, has recently released a key report on role management, highlighting the growth between organizational initiatives and solutions. According to Burton Group, roles are seen as a way to address security risks, demonstrate compliance, and provide administrative efficiencies.

As organizations streamline and improve the efficiency of their identity management infrastructure, role management can simplify the number of managed entities, provide visibility into available resources, enforce policy, and improve the relationship of information technology (IT) with the business.

Omada delivers a robust Role Based Access Control solution that leverages Microsoft technology as an integrated solution. The Omada solution adds value to organizations with Microsoft infrastructure and those who are in the process of planning an SAP or similarly complex deployment. Omada’s partnership with Microsoft and SAP has positioned the software company as a key solution provider to deliver role management solutions in those environments.