Kuppinger Cole Names Omada as Leading Microsoft Business Partner Within Identity Management

Martin Kuppinger, a founder of Kuppinger Cole + Partner, a company which provides analysis and consultancy within the Identity Management field; finds that Omada provides a solution that integrates with FIM 2010 to deliver many complementing features such as Role Based Access Control.

Mr. Kuppinger highlights that the solution,Omada Identity, enables administration via a graphical user interface, where all important adjustments are performed. Furthermore, it is possible to define restrictions based on SoD rules.

According to Mr. Kuppinger, Omada’s Microsoft centric product is conveniently designed for separate Production, Test and Development environments. This separation is in their point of view essential, but not available yet with many other Provisioning Products.

Kuppinger Cole + Partner find the Omada solution relevant in two scenarios. One is in system environments where FIM is already deployed but still in need of functionality such as Role Based Access Control, Delegated Administration, and Segregation of Duties. The other scenario is when customers are considering an Identity Management solution and Omada Identity together with FIM 2010 would come as a relevant package.