Global shoe manufacturer - ECCO manages its usersand licenses worldwide with Omada Identity Suite


Management of Licenses and PCs across Operations in 91 Countries

ECCO, a global manufacturer of shoes for people who lead active lives and require unique comfort, fit and functionality, sells over 17 million pairs of shoes per year. ECCO’s challenge was managing their licenses and PCs across its operations in 91 countries.

Omada Identity Suite

ECCO brought in Omada to implement the Omada Identity Suite solution, in order to streamline its tracking processes and automate IT user management. The web-based solution was integrated into ECCO’s Active Directory (AD) and SMS OSD with the capacity of creating the unique link between a computer object and the software licenses every time the process for an employee onboarding, transfering, or offboarding is prompted in the Omada Identity Suite solution.

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