Omada is hosting #AgilityLab

Omada is hosting #AgilityLab

Omada HQ, Østerbrogade 135

February 19 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Towards an Agile Organization - Upgrading your Leadership and Organizational OS

Note: This meetup is in Danish in Copenhagen!

Omada has received the privilege of hosting a meetup for #AgilityLab at our Omada HQ in Copenhagen. This meetup is for those of you who are frustrated with the conventional way we lead other people, and shape our organizations, and it is especially for those of you who hold the key to transform your respective organizations.This is a unique opportunity to learn from a seasoned corporate leader, who has found a way, that makes their company successful and quite reputable, by daring to put their employees first. A way that also acknowledges the inherent complexity properties of a modern, and increasingly interconnected world. A world where we need to engage the brains, wholeness and uniqueness of all employees to stay competitive.

Preliminary agenda
1. Welcome to Omada A/S (Leise/Agil IT)
2. Pitch (Brian Dahl/ iBlowyourmind)
3. NetIP's transformation part I (CEO Carsten Hedemann)
Break, networking & sandwiches (30 min)
4. Carsten Hedemann, part II
5. Summing up & goodbye (Brian + Leise)


Learn more and register for the event here ►


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