Meet Omada at the EIC 2018

Meet Omada at the EIC 2018

„Nothing is as constant as change” – digital transformation proofs to be one of the hottest topics around the globe asking organizations worldwide to pay attention to changes in their industries now. As one of the most established platforms, the European Identity & Cloud Conference focuses on latest and upcoming Security Information, Identity and Access Management topics to be prepared in the era of digital transformation.

Meet Omada at the European Identity & Cloud Conference from May 15-18

Omada is once again a sponsor at the European Identity & Cloud Conference this year. Our team will be there at booth G4 to get you all the infos on how a strong identity and access governance software can support you automate your user and authorization management, increase IT security for internal and external identities and to achieve compliance in the process.

Get 10% off the registration fee

Come and visit Omada's team of IAM experts to discuss your security and compliance needs. Meetings can be held at all three days. For pre-scheduling an appointment, contact us directly.
​As an EIC sponsor, we can offer you 10% off the registration fee. To get this discount, use the code oma10 when you register via the event website.

Join Omada's speaking session 

Join our speaking session where Omada's Lead Solution Consultant, Dr. Martin Kuhlmann talks about access governance across on-premises and cloud environments:

May 17, 2018
Access Governance & IAM Maturity
From Blind Spots to Full Overview – Access Governance in Cloud and Hybrid Scenarios

In the recent past we have seen serious data breaches on cloud platforms and in cloud apps, based on inappropriate partner access rights or misconfigured permissions. This is a clear confirmation that many companies still need to work on extending their governance procedures to the cloud and to partner and customer user populations. In his presentation, Mr. Kuhlmann will get you the details on how to address the challenges related to access governance in a hybrid digital enterprise, where employees, partners and customers are using all types of cloud and on-premises resources.

How Omada’s Identity and Access Governance solution creates business value 

  • Get in control of permissions to digital assets, on-premises and in the cloud
  • Realize the governance challenges that need to be addressed by companies that use and manage hybrid IT scenarios
  • Deploy a true identity platform providing compliance, scalability and user convenience

We are looking forward to seeing you in Munich!

The EIC 2018 takes place at Ballhausforum Unterschleissheim, Anna-Wimschneider-Straße 1-3, 85716 Unterschleißheim, Germany from May 15-18.