Enterprise, Security & Risk Management (ESRM)

Enterprise, Security & Risk Management (ESRM)

Meet Omada at UK’S leading event for infosec, cyber security, and risk management professionals across every major business sector

Omada is a Gold Sponsor at the ESRM event in London taking place on November 28 at the Victoria Park Plaza.

The event offers unrivalled networking opportunities and insights on how to design, implement and embed deliverable action plans, the best practices needed to address the most pressing security risks and balance risk mitigation with the pursuit of business growth.

Join Omada's Seminar: 

"Managing the Identity Risk - Who, What, When, Where, Why?"

How does your organisation control access to sensitive information and intellectual property across an increasing amount of cloud and on-premises data?

As more and more businesses utilize hybrid IT environments on their digital transformation journey, many are faced with the challenges that emerge when managing identities and access across multiple applications, clouds, networks, and servers. Managing risk, maximizing efficiency and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements requires the use of next generation identity management and access governance solution. Join Omada’s speaking session and learn how robust identity management and access governance processes are
a key prerequisite in hybrid IT environments. 

Speaker: Stuart Beattie, Product Marketing Director, Omada

November 28 at 12:15

Your IAM Efforts are Key to Control Data and Security 

Meet Omada's team of IAM experts at the event, and gain insight into why IAM efforts are more important than ever and get a demo of how Omada's solution addresses security and risk challenges.  

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Download: Omada Identity - Solution Overview