Omada Webinar

Omada Webinar

"Use next-generation IAM to deal with challenges of hybrid IT environments"

October 16 | October 18 | Free recordings available


As an organization moves to the cloud, the IT department is challenged to keep an overview and control of who has access to on-premises systems and cloud-based applications. Without this overview and control it becomes difficult to meet evolving needs of the business, while at the same time continuously provide secure access, maintain compliance with regulations like GDPR, and ensure efficient processes for identity management and access governance.

Use next-generation IAM to deal with challenges of hybrid IT environments

Join this webinar and experience how to easily establish an overview of identity and access data across hybrid IT environments. Learn how to control access to critical data, validate and ensure that only the right people have access to critical data, and manage users’ life-cycles.

Learn about:

  • Identity Lifecycle Management: ensure that new employees, partners, and contractors can be up and running from day one. Automate common processes around employees’ entire life-cycle through the organization
  • Entitlements Management: Apply automated policies to govern user entitlements
  • Access Request: Automate access request processes via workflows, including approval workflows
  • Role Management: Assign access rights based on roles or organizational context
  • Access Certification: Automate surveys to review what employees/contractors have access to and remediate the findings

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October 16, 4pm CST
October 18, 1pm EDT | 7pm CST 

Recordings of previous webinars 

In case you can't join our live webinars, take the chance to watch one of our previous ones. They have been recorded in English and German and are available for free. 

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