Identiverse 2018

Identiverse 2018

Omada is a sponsor of Identiverse, the world’s largest identity industry event which takes place June 24-27 in Boston.



Omada is a sponsor of Identiverse in Boston

Identiverse delivers valuable insight on the IAM market for 2018 and beyond with +150 sessions focusing on all aspects of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) space.

We are experts in using identity to create business value

Omada Identity Suite can be delivered as a comprehensive end-to-end SaaS solution that covers all identity management and access governance related functionalities.
Benefit from out-of-the box standardized, configurable IGA capabilities built on industry best-practices to address business objectives for security, compliance, and efficiency.

  • Protect valuable IP: Our solution delivers automation and access governance to support complex operations such as R&D activities in some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies with +20 mio entitlements.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance: Omada access governance improves IT security and documents compliance with regulations and policies without causing restraints for +15,000 business users in telecommunications.
  • Improve efficiency and lower costs: We provide efficient solutions for automated role management for employees, reducing help-desk requests, with standard processes to reduce administrative costs for higher efficiency in large global manufacturing companies.
  • Enable the business with correct access: Efficient identity lifecycle management, ensures the identity access landscape is correct and up to date at all times for +7,500 identities in one of Europe’s busiest airports.

Stop by Omada’s booth and find out how you can DO MORE WITH IDENTITY

Don’t miss the opportunity to stop by Omada’s booth and meet our team of IAM experts, to discuss the newest trends within identity and access management or schedule a meeting and get a demo of Omada’s Identity and Access Governance solution for hybrid platforms.

Get a 20% discount off the registration fee

As an Identiverse sponsor, we are able to offer you a special discount of 20% off. To get this discount, use the code: OM2018 when you register via the event website. This code will expire on May 1.

Identiverse (formerly Cloud Identity Summit) gathers industry experts across the identity and security industry. It is supported by expert speakers sharing best practices and lessons learned from real-world deployments.

Download: Omada Identity Suite - Solution Overview

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