IT Security Insights 2018

IT Security Insights 2018

Protecting Your Data Through Innovation

November 8 | Stockholm, Sweden

Meet Omada at IT Security Insights 2018 in Stockholm

Meet our team of experts and hear the latest trends within identity governance and administration in Stockholm on November 8. You can also schedule a meeting in advance by contacting us here.

Join us for our speaking session on "Identity management and access governance at the heart of your cybersecurity"

It is now broadly accepted that a strong IT security infrastructure is imperative as more and more business processes fall under the remit of IT. Identity Management is at the heart of the cybersecurity policy protecting IP, sensitive data and helping to achieve regulatory compliance. This presentation covers how identity management and access governance helps manage security risk – protect sensitive information, ensure compliance, avoid accidental or illegitimate access, and data theft. Learn how efficient identity management maintains business agility – by providing timely and appropriate access for your employees and the users to comply with policy requirements automatically.

IT Security Insights 2018

At IT Security Insights 2018 the focus is on promoting the best customer case-studies and innovative trends within the IT Security industry. The main objective of the event is to enable IT Security practitioners to reflect on the challenges, achievements and obstacles overcome during the year while at the same time looking ahead on what the future holds for the IT Security Industry in 2019.