Nordic IT Security

Nordic IT Security

Democracy, Human Rights and Internet Governance 

November 15 | Stockholm, Sweden


Meet Omada at Nordic IT Security in Stockholm

Meet our team of experts and hear the latest trends within identity governance and administration on November 15 in Stockholm, Sweden. You can also schedule a meeting in advance by contacting us here.

Join Omada's speaking session on the topic of "Best practices for Managing the Insider Threat"

An overwhelming 90% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks according to the latest research, with excessive access privileges as the main risk factor. And those risks multiply when you consider strict regulations like GDPR. 

Join our speaking session at 1:30pm at the IAM track (Track 2) where Theiss Nilsson, Identity and Access Governance Director at Omada, talks about how insider threats can be prevented by being in control of what employees have access to, why, and who assigned that access, be it across on-premises and cloud environments.

To manage these security risks without “re-inventing the wheel” or over-engineering your solutions, it requires identity governance and access (IGA) thinking and a strategy suited to your business’ individual needs. Our presentation covers a Best Practice Processes Framework that provides the foundation you need to manage identity and access rights across hybrid IT environments – not just at a given moment for any given individual, but throughout your organization, and at all stages of an employee’s career.

Nordic IT Security 2018: Democracy, Human Rights and Internet Governance 

Nordic IT Security unites the entire IT security landscape across the Nordics. With over 1500 attendees and more than 60 speakers, the event brings together the areas of IT, cyber and information security to strengthen businesses' security infrastructure, defending human rights online and protecting internet governance against modern threats such as cyber manipulation, hacking and theft. 

Find out more information on the event's website 


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