Cloud Challenges: How Do You Remain Compliant with Company Policies?

Cloud Challenges: How Do You Remain Compliant with Company Policies?

Use of the cloud has escalated significantly in recent years, but cloud IT puts pressure on organizations to ensure compliance across their various IT platforms with internal policies and external regulations. How do you as an organization ensure you are working in line with these?

August 2017: Today’s digitalized workplace means employees are working across both on-premise and cloud, often using (unapproved) workarounds for file sharing and communication. But precisely these ‘creative’ workarounds create significant issues for the organizations’ IT department and put the business at risk, as these platforms are often filled with privacy data.

Getting cloud-compliant by May 2018

By next May, when the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EUGDPR) kicks into force, organizations must be able to prove compliance across the various IT platforms employees use, and be able to document who has access to privacy data, when and why. For many companies, this is no mean feat.

One solution is to try to stop employees’ use of the unapproved platforms, but this is likely a battle the IT departments will not win. Another solution, could be to implement a solution which monitors and governs access across on-premise and cloud, thereby getting an overview of which privacy data is out there and who has access to these, being able to document this for audit purposes and having the overview of access gaps (missing aspects), should a breach happen, enabling the organization to act swiftly and securely by switching off access to all relevant system from one single portal. For business purposes, this allows organizations to be compliant, effective and secure, while working across both on-premise and at the same time leveraging the benefit of cloud solutions.

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