Cybersecurity as a Business Asset

Cybersecurity as a Business Asset

The competitive advantage of good security is perhaps not what first springs to mind when discussing cybersecurity investments, but protecting your company’s crown jewels is undoubtedly good for business.

While it is impossible to completely rule out the cybersecurity threat, protecting your organization’s assets is key in today’s high-threat environment.

Protecting the business should be seen as a strategic priority, not merely an IT project. There is still a misconception that cybersecurity protection is a task for the IT department, but it deserves the attention of the boardroom, of the company’s top management layer. Looking at the current high-threat cybersecurity environment, and the effects of recent attacks such as WannaCry and Petya, protecting the company’s assets is surely a strategic business priority.

Set the tone

Having a good cybersecurity practice in the organization is important, and while it may require a culture change within the organization, if the message comes from the top layer, it makes it all that more likely to succeed. The boardroom sets the tone across the organization, also in terms of the business’ approach to cybersecurity.

A successful cybersecurity approach ought to be treated like any other top strategic topic by the management group, to help support the overall company growth. The protection of your organization’s crown jewels has become, and should become, an increasingly critical top management issue. The threat is constant, be it from outside hackers or former disgruntled employees who still have access rights, and the organization needs to be prepared. Cybersecurity is not something that can be ‘solved’, a box-ticking exercise that can be done once and then forgotten about. Just as the threat is constant, so too the protection must be constant – govern your assets to stay in control and have the necessary overview to be able to act fast if disaster does strike.

Control your identities

A first step could be to get the initial overview and get in control of your identities. Who has access to what, where and should they have this access? Once the overview is up to date, govern the access going forward. Learn more about the Omada solution to do just that here.

Make cybersecurity a top priority and govern your assets.  

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