Do You Wanna Share?

Do You Wanna Share?

Most likely not. And neither do we. In our experience, no one wants to share their privacy data either. That is why it is so important that organizations get in control of their privacy data and how they process the data.

Copenhagen, January 2018: Privacy data is not for sharing and the EU agrees. When the GDPR goes live on 25 May, the fines and the risk of a damaged reputation will be extremely high.

Despite this, there is a good chance your company is unwittingly sharing privacy data.

Learn where your privacy data is stored

The truth is, we all share privacy data with the companies we work for – and those we work with. Have you ever wondered whether your colleagues can see your salary? Access your files on the server? Or in the cloud?

Some organizations are in control of their processes for identity and access management and thereby also know how, where, and why privacy data is stored across the company. We know, because we helped them get there. But there are plenty more that are not yet there.

How do you measure up?

In the countdown to 25 May, how will your company measure up? Take our five-minute IAM Security Test to find out.

We can help you safeguard your company’s privacy data and support your compliance with the GDPR. Book your IAM Security Health Check today and make sure you are ready for GDPR and reap the benefits of identity and access management in the process, such as increased efficiency, streamlined processes, and protecting your reputation.

Create an environment in which trust – and your business – can thrive. Learn much more in our step-by-step IAM Security Guide.



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