Don’t Leave the ‘Digital Front Door’ Open

Don’t Leave the ‘Digital Front Door’ Open

When you leave your home, you most likely close the windows and lock the door on your way out to ensure no one can walk in and steal your assets. Having digitalized most of your company assets, you need to think of your company’s IT system in the same way and make sure you do not leave the ‘digital front door’ open to cybercriminals.

December 2017: Many organizations are still leaving the front door open and the windows unlocked from an IT security perspective. Avoid leaving the door open to IT intruders and get your security in order.

With the right security in place, your organization will not only have doors and windows closed and locked. With a well implemented identity and access management solution, you will also know who has the keys to open what doors and windows. Having this overview, allows you to have constant control of your identities (be it internal, partner, or externals).

Prerequisite for GDPR            

In terms of the GDPR, being in control of your identities’ access rights is vital. You need to have an overview of who has access to what, who approved it, (when, why, and how), and how you can prove it.

Close the door behind you!

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