Empowering Businesses to Stay Safe in the Cloud

Empowering Businesses to Stay Safe in the Cloud

One of the most asked IT questions of today is: Is it safe to move to the cloud? Many businesses, though, are forced to protect their IT systems across both on-premises and the cloud, as modern working environments mean employees use a combination of the two. To protect your organization’s hybrid environment you need to protect the identities and govern access. You need a solution, which effectively ensures hybrid access governance.

October 2017: Although the cloud is no longer a new term, there are still many misconceptions about what it is -and how safe it is. Cloud computing is at once both hyped and misunderstood by many, and as is cloud security.

Organizations need to be agile, adopting fast and effectively to the digital transformation and the changing user needs of employees, partners and clients, and for cloud security, that among others means being in control of your identities. Identity management and access governance is key to keeping your identities in check, being in control of who has access to what, where, for how long - and why. And having this overview across both on-premises and in the cloud, is key today. 

Today’s ever-changing risk landscape puts added pressure on organizations. Join Omada’s webinar on how to close your governance gap across all cloud and on-premises platforms to learn more about Omada’s solution for hybrid access governance and the technical demonstration webinar for a deep dive into the ins and outs of the solution.

Download: Omada Identity Suite - Solution Overview

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