How to Prevent the Insider Threats

How to Prevent the Insider Threats

"The biggest jump in threats comes from insider attacks, increasing from 40% to 47% over the past year alone"

The cybersecurity threat is higher than ever and according to new data, it is the insider threat organizations should be most concerned about. Having a plan in place to prevent insider threats has never been more important, but how can you help prevent data breaches from insiders?

Organizations across the globe are continually at risk of a cybersecurity attack, as recent cases such as WannaCry and Petya all too clearly demonstrate. Whilst many have a solid protection in place from outside-in attacks, many forget the threat from the inside. According to a recent survey, the biggest jump in threats comes from insider attacks, increasing from 40% to 47% over the past year alone. A former employee, for example, who may have bad intentions and still have his access inside the company can quickly do a lot of damage as can insufficient cloud security, as employees increasingly work in a digitalized world outside the four walls of the office.

Govern your access

Data has become a valuable commodity – and privacy data and corporate data are some of the most valuable out there. So how can you help prevent insider data breaches?

Getting an overview of your data is a good place to start. Who has access to what, when, for how long - and why do they have this access? This is the identity access management aspect. Once this is in place, you need to ensure you keep the access continually updated according to the set policies. This is the governance aspect. This part takes into consideration the joiners and leavers and those moving around in the organization. The combination of these, means you at all times have an overview of the access to the systems and applications your organization uses and keep loop holes closed off.

Automation increases resilience 

Automated processes minimize the insider threat and taking control of identities and privileges improves your resilience to cyberattacks. Time and time again, security reports indicate that successful cyberattacks are the result of abuse of privileges. Managing the user accounts access, including privileged accounts is therefore key and if this is not already being done, start now.

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