Municipalities: Join the Forum

Municipalities: Join the Forum

Have you experienced this issue? How did you handle that problem? Do you have any best practices to share? There is wisdom in numbers and that is why we offer our municipality customers a forum for best practice sharing.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 12 January 2018: Public organizations and institutions handle thousands of users in complex systems and experience increasing – and often contradicting – demands from politicians, companies, employees, and citizens. It is a time-consuming process to meet the existing demands and with the upcoming GDPR, the need for efficient, flexible, and secure identity and access management, is no mean feat.

We offer our municipality customers the opportunity to join a forum, focusing on identity and access management, security and compliance processes and of course networking and best practice sharing. The forum takes place in-house, meaning you have easy access to our experts and developers.  

“It is our experience that the Danish municipalities are good at sharing experiences and taking advantage of the best practices there are in the various municipalities,“ says Kenneth Fenger Jeppesen, Senior Account Manager, Nordics. “At the same time, it is a good opportunity for us at Omada to get input straight from the users about the solution and to hear their wishes for the future development of functionality in the product. It is a significant advantage to be able to have a close dialogue and collaboration”.

For municipalities, just like other organizations, being in control of your identities, their access rights as well as the privacy data you process, is key. Being tabloid fodder is a high risk if you are not in control.

Automation, documentation and GDPR compliance

The Municipality of Vesthimmerland is among our customers. The municipality needed a solution to automate processes, safeguard privacy data, and document compliance.

Project Manager Lotte Pape Topholt said of their choice of Omada, “Today compliance is already resource demanding. Adding GDPR requirements we are facing a situation where we lack resources to manage identities. Omada’s solution will help us ensure and document that we are able to manage identities and safeguard privacy data. We will be able to automate manual processes in accordance with our policies. Moreover, the solution is compatible with our systems in general”. 

The decision to go with Omada was based on our globally recognized solution and strong references in the financial industry. 

“The contract was signed with the supplier balancing price and quality in the most favorable offer. We recognize that the financial industry complies with extremely high security requirements and Omada is doing well in this field”, Lotte Pape Topholt adds.  

Read the full Vesthimmerland case and get in touch with us if you would like to learn more.

Join us at Omada HQ

On 25 January, we are hosting the next User Group meeting for our municipality customers, here at Omada HQ. At the event we will disclose details of what our R&D team is working on, among others present the upcoming version of the Omada Identity Suite, and our CEO Morten Boel Sigurdsson will be present to answer any questions you may have.



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