Omada in Austria’s New Business Magazine

Omada in Austria’s New Business Magazine

In an article in Austria’s New Business magazine, Omada’s Martin Kuhlmann lifts the veil on how to ensure a smooth business process while keeping IT risks in check. Or in other words, how security and efficiency go hand-in-hand.

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The pressure is on. Whether it be mounting industry regulation or getting data control in check for the EU General Data Protection Regulation in 2018, organizations are waking up to a new dawn of disclosure requirements and sensitive data protection. An organization’s image is paramount, as is therefore ensuring data security incidents are stopped before they happen.

Know Your Access Rights

Dr. Martin Kuhlmann, Lead Solution Consultant at Omada, notes in an article in New Business magazine, that in the industrial 4.0 era, it is no longer sufficient to just build firewalls. Organizations need to know who has access to information in the company, and this information has to be regularly checked. There need to be simple and comprehensible approval processes established, managing and governing personal data securely. In short, have control over who has access to what, when and why.   

Read the full article (in German) here, on page 47.

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