Planning Your 2018 IT Investments? Don’t Forget This Aspect

Planning Your 2018 IT Investments? Don’t Forget This Aspect

IT automation and cybersecurity have been investment focus areas for most businesses in 2017, and as many prepare to budget for 2018, it’s time to take stock and prepare for 2018. Identity management and access governance is a critical and core component of cybersecurity readiness.

Compliance efforts have according to a recent survey taken up 31% of North American firm’s IT priorities for 2017, with automation clocking in at 35%. As many start to plan for 2018, cybersecurity is moving on up in investment popularity – and so it should. It should be a focus area for not just the IT department, but the boardroom, as the cyber threat continues to loom globally.

Much more than just access provisioning

A central element in cybersecurity readiness is identity management and access governance - and it is so much more than merely providing login access to a system.

It is a fundamental cybersecurity cornerstone, not only increasing security, but also efficiency and effectiveness – in a cost effective model. Identification and authentication increase cybersecurity and controlling access to systems and networks is critical to not only overseeing and organization’s cybersecurity, but also how networks are being used.

The technology is being used for much more than just access rights these days, including control of the internal threat, audit preparation and controlling your customers’ data. Managing access control across both on-premise and in the cloud is the next hurdle, making it even more relevant to be in control of your processes and accesses in a time of increased regulatory demands. Get the overview and get in control.

The Omada solution

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