Omada in the Media: The Cyber Threats You Did Not Hear About in 2017

Omada in the Media: The Cyber Threats You Did Not Hear About in 2017

CEO Morten Boel Sigurdsson talks to The Danish ICT Industry Association (‘IT Branchen’) about the cyber threats from 2017, which may have evaded your attention, but which are still relevant in 2018. 

January 2018: The GDPR has been widely covered in the media, but with this year’s introduction of the actual legislation, it becomes even more important for an organization to be in control of its identities and their access rights.

The US based organization Uber made headlines for all the wrong reasons last year and showed that being in control of your privacy data has become a license to operate. Come 25 May, the consequences for non-compliance are only that much higher. This could mean the rise of cyber criminals looking to blackmail organizations. It is however vital to remember that should an organization experience a data leak, it has to notify the authorities and the affected persons, therefore it has to go public with the data theft no matter what.

The lurking insider threat

The insider threat receives much less media coverage, but the risk is just as high. Disgruntled employees, who have access to internal systems, can cause serious damage to organizations. Therefore, it is vital that companies are in control of their users and their access rights.

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Read the full article (in Danish) from The Danish ICT Industry Association (‘IT Branchen’) here.



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