The Integration Accelerator

The Integration Accelerator


How can identity and access management speed up the M&A process? Reap the benefits of M&As, quickly.

By Christian Stendevad, Executive Vice President | September 2017

The Integration Accelerator

When conducting M&A, the key is to get the two companies to collaborate or de-merge as quickly as possible, so as to be able to take advantage of the synergy effects, fast. When companies have to collaborate, that today means integrating the IT systems as quickly as possible and giving access to each other’s IT infrastructure and resources in general, be it IT systems or email groups, so as to enable communication between the two entities

With mergers and acquisitions (M&A) once again peaking, being able to efficiently and effectively get on with business after M&A, is key. Using identity and access management in M&A scenarios makes good sense, not just for getting fast control of all identities across the companies, but it also makes good business sense, allowing companies to be up and running, reaping the benefits of the merger or de-merger, quickly.

A catalyst for growth

Generally speaking, the largest cost in M&A is how quickly you are up and running. One of the aspects that takes time, is the integration of the IT units. We see this from those of our customers that sell and acquire assets on a regular basis. 

Omada has several large corporate clients, who have M&A as an integrated part of their business strategy, amongst others the Bayer Group, which comprises more than 140 companies in 62 countries with more than 100,000 managed active identities.

Agility and acceleration

M&A operates in a highly agile market and therefore needs agile solutions, such as quick and efficient methods for getting an overview of identities. Identity and access management is a significant advantage during M&A. It can be a strong driver, an accelerator, to have a solid solution in place, enabling you to quickly and at specific times become joint or separated.

With Omada’s identity and access management solution, a global user ID is created, meaning each person gets a unique identity. No matter which company you are in, or if you have just left or joined or moved around in the new organization, each person is uniquely identified. If you have organizational changes, which is normal practices during M&A situations, all changes and leavings are handled from one central location, and each individual is easy to identify.

In M&A, it is vital to have the complete overview of all identities, allowing you to add employees, move employees, or have employees leave. The same goes for divestitures, where you can make a clean, quick cut, pass on the identities and get back to business. 

Vital to being able to take advantage of the different synergy effects, is the ability to communicate and use each other’s’ resources. This means access to the IT resources in the wide definition of the term, infrastructure, and this demands control and an overview of who is who, and the ability to identify them and being able to grant each other access.

Get in control, get the overview of your identities and access, and get that overview, quickly, via one system, to be able to get back to business and start reaping the benefits of your merger or de-merger, and ensure security, compliance and efficiency in the process.

Read Why Identity and Access Management is Vital to Successful M&A for more on how to successfully use identity and access management in the M&A environment.

Omada EVP Christian Stendevad has more than 20 years of experience within sales and consulting services. He has extensive experience with development and implementation of technology-driven strategic change and performance improvement initiatives in close collaboration with senior management, business, and IT. He has a background as Management Consultant working for large international corporations like PwC Consulting and IBM.


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