Using Customer Access Governance to Boost Business Value

Using Customer Access Governance to Boost Business Value

Do you know what Customer Identity Access Governance is – and why it may be precisely what your organization needs?

August 2017: For companies embarking on a digital transformation initiative, it is critical to know who’s who, what’s what, and who has access to what. Both on an enterprise level but also to leverage the relationship with customers and partners.

Customer Identity Access Governance is a method to boost your business opportunities, empowering customer and partner relationships by streamlining access to your digitized customer services. The customer-facing solution enables an effective customer and partner governance, by providing a seamless registration process for easy and secure log-in to digitized services in your company, letting your organization demonstrate security, compliance and efficiency.

And why is this relevant? Because in today’s highly competitive market, being able to govern your customers and partners is as important as being able to govern your own organization.

Balance it out

Many organizations struggle to find the right balance between a seamless customer experience and achieving accountability with robust security measures.

Clear processes and standards for collaboration must comply with both legislative regulations, business policies, or external partners’ security requirements. Some are derived from laws and regulations, such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (EUGDPR).

“The companies we meet, tell us that they are inundated with new regulatory demands, an increasingly complex hybrid environment and a competitive market, where organizations need to offer their customers seamless, easy-to-use solutions,” says Morten Boel Sigurdsson, CEO, Omada. ”We see a demand in the market for customer-focused governance solutions that come with strong end-to-end governance features, providing clear business benefit for the organization and opening up the possibility of new revenue streams.”

Clear business values

Omada’s solution works across both cloud and on-premise, assisting internal security teams’ needs in protecting customers’ privacy data against fraud, misuse, or theft. The identity and access lifecycle is under complete control, ensuring that at any point in time, it is clear who is responsible for the access situation for a specific customer or resource.

The business benefits in Customer Identity Access Governance are clear, as it supports and strengthens your customer relationships, opens the possibility of new revenue streams, and boosts business opportunities. With Omada Customer Identity Access Governance, you gain extensive customer insights for use across business channels by unifying the customer data and enable frictionless registration of customers, increasing customer acquisition rates, as well as allowing the customers to easily perform self-service.

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