Former FBI leader warns against internal cyber crime

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Cyber crime from inside the company can be just as big a threat as outside-in cyber crime, former FBI head John Boles warned attendees, speaking at conference in Denmark earlier this month.


FBI’s cyber crime defense unit, Boles is a seasoned cyber crime expert, today working for the consulting firm Navigant.

He believes, companies need to be much better prepared for cyber crime and advises firms to have a clear plan of action should an attack happen. He gives the example of two lawyers being fired from the same company, who stole data from the law firm and passed them on to themselves via their personal Dropbox. From home, they added a virus to the data, which was then passed back to the law firm, which in turn was hit by a network breakdown.

Check your accesses

Ensuring employees only have the access rights they should have, for the right period of time, could prevent such incidents. Omada’s solutions for identity and access governance mean companies not only have the checks in place, but the checks are continually monitored and updated. 

Learn more about Omada here and read the full article (in Danish) in Berlingske here.

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