Former NSA Director on Insider Threats and Cybersecurity

Former NSA Director on Insider Threats and Cybersecurity

With over three decades of experience within cybersecurity, former National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) head Ron Moultrie knows a thing or two about cybersecurity.

On June 21, Moultrie will be speaking at the Identity Management Europe (IDM) conference together with Omada in London on the importance of guarding against insider threats in the digitized organization. The event is among Europe’s leading identity and access management conferences.

Snowden breach and strategic advising

Aside from being a former director of NSA’s Global Signals Intelligence Enterprise and having a leading role at the CIA, Moultrie was responsible for organizing short-mid-and long-term responses to two of the most critical incidents in the NSA’s history; the unplanned emergency landing of a US Navy Aircraft in China in 2001 and the 2013 breach carried out by Edward Snowden.

Moultrie has since established Oceanus Security Strategy, to provide unique insights and counsel to clients on current and emerging cyber security threats and joined C5 Capital as Strategic Partner. In May 2015, C5 invested in the Danish identity access and access governance firm Omada.

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