Omada and DXC Technology in new Cooperation

Omada and DXC Technology in new Cooperation

Get effective user and access control – without the lengthy tender processes.


Simplified Tender Process

The new cooperation between Omada and DXC Technology, formerly CSC, offers identity management and access governance from Omada through time-saving mini tenders

With the SKI 02.06 agreement for public organizations, customers avoid lengthy and resource demanding bid rounds and secure their investment by working with qualified suppliers. Clients simply fill in their requirements for the solution in a predefined form - a mini tender. Subsequently, DXC Technology collects offers from relevant providers, like Omada, and the customer selects the best offer.

Get ready for EU GDPR
DXC Technology offers maintenance of Omada’s recognized solution, which helps automate identity management and access governance processes asa standard solution, which can be expanded and configured as needed.

Omada identity management and access governance ensures efficient user and access control, and eases compliance with legislative regulations, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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