Preparing for the Digital Transformation

Preparing for the Digital Transformation

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Today’s business environment is increasingly reliant on web and open source applications, which in turn increases companies’ digital security challenges. Advanced Identity Access Management can lend a helping hand.

Employees have become digital in their way of working, bringing consumer digital habits into the workplace and merging work and home applications on single devices, whilst external partners are accessing resources via web browsers and social media channels.

These are trends that are likely here to stay, but need to be carefully managed to keep security in check.

Getting identity savvy

Identity Management and Access Governance is core business for Omada, which offers solutions to ensure security is kept in check.

Analyst house KuppingerCole also recognizes the challenges the digital workplace poses for organizations in terms of security threats, and will address precisely this and the need for increased control of digital identities at an event next month.


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