Protect Your Data

Protect Your Data

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Do you know how to govern identities and privileges in an increasingly regulated market? On 27 June, CyberArk and Omada are joining forces to offer advice on identity management and access governance at an afternoon event in Belgium.

Data has become a valuable asset and needs to be protected, especially in light of the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), which adds extra requirements to how companies handle data. 

Central to the handling of data is ‘identity’: internal people, external people and people who have elevated rights. Each of these groups need a specific approach to how they are handled and people with elevated rights are often forgotten in this mix. As most of the breaches occur by taking advantage of privileged accounts, managing these appropriately is key to managing risk.

Join the event in Belgium

Identity management and access governance solution provider Omada and the security software firm CyberArk are specialists within their field and now invite you to an event examining how to govern identities and privileges in a regulated world.

The event takes place at Ter Elst, Kattenbroek, Edegem, Belgium from 12:30-16:30 on 27 June. Read more about the event and how to sign-up here.

We look forward to seeing you there. 


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