Govern Access in a Hybrid Infrastructure

Govern Access in a Hybrid Infrastructure

Identity and access governance solution provider Omada announces a partnership with Microsoft, for the provisioning of access across all on-premise and cloud resources, compatible with Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory identity and access management service.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, June, 2017 - To meet the strict compliance requirements imposed on highly regulated industries, including the pharma, finance and defense sectors, identity and access management specialist Omada provides an advanced access governance solution which runs on Azure, spanning all on-premise and cloud resources that enterprises must have under control. Be it compliance with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), reducing spend to comply, avoiding misuse of corporate data, data theft and cyber-attacks, or other challenges, the Omada solution addresses unique security and compliance requirements.

Simple yet powerful

The Omada solution provides a unified approach to governance; a simple yet powerful solution, which provides full visibility of all identities and resources, governs all constituencies and automates the lifecycle management of all apps and other resources on a granular level as well as the lifecycle of all types and constituencies. The solution provides continuous governance to stay in control, easily snaps new apps into the framework and supports a seamless journey from on-premise to cloud as well as complete Azure roll-outs, all whilst integrating with the existing Microsoft platform and automating a seamless transition to Azure.

Omada is a proven leader in Identity Governance and Administration with strong integrated capabilities to Azure AD Premium. The partnership with Microsoft means users and groups can be maintained as part of identity lifecycle processes and assignment of for example Office365 licences and access to enterprise applications. All Azure resources can also be controlled via self-service processes or assignment policies in this solution. The integration to the Azure portal and Azure AD platform enables Segregation of Duty policy management, role-based access control (RBAC) and other assignment policies, provisioning, validation/reconciliation, compliance reporting, and attestation/re-certification.

The vendor of choice for IT organizations built on Microsoft platforms

Omada supports both Microsoft’s on-premise and in the cloud identity management and access governance technologies.

The solution connects directly with On-premise Active Directory, the Azure Active Directory Premium and the Microsoft Identity Manager. If the solution is deployed on-premise, it reuses the existing Microsoft architecture by supporting for example Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, Power BI and .Net framework environments. As the only solution on the market, Omada takes full use of the existing in-house Microsoft based competences, processes, disaster recovery and infrastructure capabilities.

Within the same solution, Omada provides support for a wide set of applications outside of the Microsoft domain through its extendable framework of connectors, including on-premise deployments of SAP, EPIC healthcare systems or RACF/Mainframe based banking systems. This creates full visibility and a strong foundation for comprehensive control across all organization applications, identities and entitlements. This means, a solution which, loads no additional technology burden to the IT to team and ensures a smooth transition from on-premise Microsoft infrastructure to the Azure cloud environment – in other words, a solution which, can be “forklifted” from on-premise to Azure and lowering the bar for enterprise cloud transition.

About Omada

Founded in 2000, Omada is a fast-growing, independent IT security company. Omada provides identity management and access governance solutions and services. The company's innovative product portfolio offers customers an integrated set of core services including identity lifecycle management, compliance control, provisioning, and access risk management.

Omada provides its innovative identity management and access governance solutions and services to an extensive customer portfolio of large and midsize enterprises within banking, utility, public sector, securities and insurance, healthcare, and other verticals - enabling its customers to achieve compliance, reduce risk exposure, and maximize efficiency. Omada’s customers are predominantly based in Europe and North America.


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