New Omada version 12.1 provides enhanced capabilities to govern access across hybrid scenarios, seamlessly integrating with Azure AD

Today’s hybrid IT environments require a seamless way to govern access across on-premise enterprise solutions and cloud-based services and platforms. This makes it challenging to ensure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time across cloud and on-premise applications.


An advanced identity and access governance process across cloud and on-premise is crucial to minimize risk and to maintain security around identities and data. The latest version of Omada Identity Suite (OIS), OIS 12.1, enhances its advanced identity and access management capabilities across such scenarios in which companies are using a hybrid of cloud and on-premises solutions.

The Omada Identity Suite provides customers with the ability to deliver comprehensive identity management and governance capabilities. This includes access requests, provisioning of users, accounts, applications, entitlements, and recertification across multiple platforms and systems across hybrid scenarios. 

“It is crucial for our clients to obtain visibility of access data across heterogeneous platforms that ensure full insight into user access, for example employees’ and contractors’ access to critical data, to validate and ensure that only the right people have access to an organization's critical data”, says Santeri Kangas, CTO of Omada. 

Seamless integration across platforms

Omada Identity Suite 12.1 can be deployed on Azure or on-premise. The integration capabilities in Omada Identity Suite 12.1 are enriched to include Azure Active Directory (AD). Omada Identity Suite running on Azure can now directly connect to Azure AD Graph API. The customers deploying Omada Identity Suite on-premise can integrate to Azure AD both via an on-premise Active Directory combined with Azure AD Connect, and via Azure AD Graph API.

Users and groups can be maintained as part of identity lifecycle processes. Assignment of for example Office365 licenses, access to enterprise applications or Azure resources can be controlled via self-service processes or assignment policies in Omada Identity Suite.

The Omada solution provides a seamlessly integrated experience with Azure AD, covering SSO use cases and automated application provisioning directly in the Azure portal.

These enhanced capabilities ensure even better automation of identity governance processes across on-premise and cloud platforms to minimize risk and maintain continuous identity and data security.

Powerful dashboards and automatically generated audit reports

Beyond these enhanced integrated capabilities, Omada Identity Suite version 12.1 also provides enhanced, powerful dashboards and automatically generated audit reports that provide documentation that details the extent to which users have access to critical data across all platforms, ultimately ensuring compliance with regulations and company policies.

About Omada

Omada is the market leader in Identity and Access Governance solutions and services - enabling organizations to achieve compliance, reduce risk exposure, and maximize efficiency. 
The award winning Omada Identity Suite utilizes Microsoft technologies to provide enterprise-ready identity solutions across heterogeneous IT platforms, supporting hybrid scenarios. Omada is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner & three times global Microsoft Award winner of the Microsoft Identity & Secure Access Award recognized for providing advanced Identity & Access Governance scenarios utilizing the Microsoft stack. Omada’s solution is Microsoft Gold Certified and based on well proven components in the Microsoft technology stack like Windows Server, the .NET framework, SQL Server and BI services for enhanced analytics experiences.


Press contact:

Lisa Berg Rydsbo

Chief Marketing Officer, Omada

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