Omada Identity Suite v12: Accelerate Digital Business with Self-Service IGA for Efficiency, Compliance, and Security

Omada’s new version of its award-winning product is leading the way to a simpler approach to IGA. Version 12 enables end-users to easily manage access rights through enhanced self-service user experiences. The new version improves security by minimizing human error, and makes internal audits a routine activity.


COPENHAGEN, Denmark – October 3, 2016 – Omada, a market leader in IT security solutions and services for identity management and access governance, has launched the Omada Identity Suite v12. Omada’s award winning product equips organizations with processes for automated data access control that can quickly adapt to the changing user requirements and legislation, guaranteeing preparedness for increasingly digitized organizations.

Digitization is a tremendous opportunity for organizations to extend their reach, speed up processes, and share and store information, just to name a few benefits. At the crux of digitization is the exchange of information - between departments, organizations, individuals, and to and from customers. IT leaders are seeking enhanced self-service experiences, and simpler more flexible and more scalable IGA (identity governance and administration) solutions to accommodate the changes in the way the organization works while protecting their data.

“Protecting data is not only in the interest of the organization itself – to avoid e.g. theft of intellectual property and loss of customer confidence – it is also a requirement increasingly imposed on public and private organizations through legislation, industry standards, and customer demand,” said Santeri Kangas, Omada CTO.

Best-practice IGA for compliance

Globally, and for most industries, compliance standards, regulations and good practice guidelines are conceived to stem the negative impact of digitization – for example BaFin and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR). All of these require organizations to control who has access to data, what data they have access to, and what they are able to do with it. Identity and access management is a critical security control, and standards are required to encourage organizations to move away from deploying technology based on existing - often ad hoc - processes, and adapt to industry-accepted best practices.

“At Omada, we have a long and strong tradition for developing and implementing best-practice solutions for controlling and documenting access to data. We are established experts in delivering the technology organizations need, in order to be compliant, secure, and efficient in their identity management and access governance – the discipline referred to as IGA by Gartner,” explained Santeri Kangas. 

Omada is positioned in analyst firm Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration, and is recognized by Gartner for our IGA offering in the top 3 of 3 of 4 use cases, in the March 2016 Critical Capabilities for Identity Governance and Administration.

End-user enablement and managerial control

With the release of version 12 of the Omada Identity Suite, Omada has focused on finessing the user experience in the product, by enhancing three primary features: highly configurable data model, which allows organizations to make changes without changing the product; extendable workflow design, which enables the organization to easily extend data control to all systems and areas of the business; and the survey and attestation module, which seamlessly adapts access control to all business processes.

“These are incredibly important improvements, because together, they represent a whole new level of end-user and managerial enablement and control,” stated Santeri Kangas, and explained: 
“For compliance purposes, the improvements to the survey and attestation module mean that not only does it seamlessly adapt to your processes, but attestation becomes much simpler – managers can deliver comprehensive audit reports feeling confident that all boxes are thoroughly checked. For efficiency, the enhanced access requests and revised approval flows, mean that end-users and managers can identify and resolve their tasks easily and the improved onboarding process makes integration of new systems and applications much faster than before. For security, internal audits and security processes are made easier, because the dashboards that provide an overview over which accounts have access to data have been simplified, making it easier and quicker to prioritize both preventative and mitigating security efforts.”

News and Improvements in Omada Identity Suite v12: 

  • Redesigned for improved user experience and usability
  • Improved governance with the new Omada Risk Check Report
  • Improved system onboarding process for faster integration of new systems and applications
  • New installation tool for faster and easier deployment and installation of the Omada Reference Architecture
  • Enhanced Omada Request Access, including revised approval flow
  • Enhanced Contractor onboarding workflow
  • Improved connectivity with support for more business applications and systems


Press contact:

Lisa Berg Rydsbo 

Chief Marketing Officer, Omada  

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