Omada Launches Extended Capabilities for EU GDPR Compliance and CIAM

Omada Launches Extended Capabilities for EU GDPR Compliance and CIAM

Danish cybersecurity company Omada launches its newest version of the Omada Identity Suite (OIS) v12.2, enabling organizations to comply with critical security requirements of the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and to engage with customers and partners with user-friendly and secure digital services. This version also has a new Omada Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) add-on, offering companies the power to engage customers/partners to self-identify while ensuring data privacy and security.


COPENHAGEN, Denmark, June, 2017 - Businesses struggle to get ready for EU GDPR while depending on a solid and agile IT infrastructure to grow their company efficiently and securely. Omada now launches the newest version of the Omada Identity Suite v12.2, enabling businesses to show that they are in control of who has access to privacy data when and why, taking the first step towards the rigorous IT security requirements of the upcoming EU GDPR.

With extended reporting and analytics options, companies will be able show accountability to authorities at any point in time. The first step in the readiness assessment model is a classification of data objects where organizations become able to identify what systems contain EU GDPR data; or what entitlements give access to applications containing EU GDPR data; or what identities deal with EU GDPR data. However, the new OIS 12.2 offers much more than just EU GDPR compliance.

Dedicated functions in the OIS v12.2 enable companies to more effectively monitor data imports and provisioning tasks and to prevent and minimize system damages. The new out-of-the-box best practice business processes ensure that users can accomplish their goals faster, such as instantly locking down compromised users or assigning new ownership.

Adopting new technologies

Privileged accounts represent the largest security vulnerability an organization faces today. OIS v12.2 offers the new add-on for privileged access management (PAM) integrating with CyberArk, providing companies with additional information on joiner, movers or leavers as well as what their privileged users do with their access rights and getting in control of what privileged accounts are being used for. OIS v12.2 offers improved business application connectivity by making available a new (ODATA) REST API for advanced integration scenarios.

“We are happy to announce one unified approach to identity access management and governance, as we can now apply Omada’s market leading governance functionality to all resources – including all applications, all identities and all entitlements, across cloud and on-premise,” says Santeri Kangas, CTO, Omada. “Through the integration with CyberArk, we extended our identity lifecycle management, access management, role based access controls and policies, and attestation/re-certification to the best of breed Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions.”

The Omada CIAM self-service portal extends the solution to handle the external identities providing a well governed and safe way to let the supply chain and customers access the core business systems. The new Microsoft Azure integration extends Omada’s capabilities to provision and fully govern a wide range of Azure resources, including storage buckets, virtual machines and applications on O365 App Panel through AD Premium, Azure and Azure Graph APIs.

Fast implementation and compliance result in fast ROI

OIS v12.2 is a more standardized solution, reducing the need for custom development and advanced configuration, meaning faster ROI and compliance while meeting expectations of employees, customer and partners in efficient and automated working processes.

”We have invested significantly in the development of a unique technology to create significant value to our clients. Similarly, we have invested in developing a structured method for implementation. The method ensures that our clients can start using our solution quickly and efficiently. It is our mission that our clients can obtain value fast, run efficient business processes and turn intelligent compliance with regulations such as EUGDPR into a business advantage”, says Morten Boel Sigurdsson, CEO, Omada.

The new Omada CIAM add-on offers companies the power to engage customers/partners to self-identify while ensuring data privacy and security. Now both internal and external identities are managed with the same level of security and governance. Omada CIAM secures EU GDPR compliance via strong consent management, it ensures access is granted in line with policies to avoid misuse of data and content plus it ensures that ownership of all customers is allocated from the initial engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

About Omada

Founded in 2000, Omada is a fast-growing, independent IT security company. Omada provides identity management and access governance solutions and services. Omada Identity Suite is acknowledged as one of the leading technologies in the world by the research company Gartner Group, as shown from their latest report. The company's innovative product portfolio offers customers an integrated set of core services including identity lifecycle management, compliance control, provisioning, and access risk management.

Omada provides its innovative identity management and access governance solutions and services to an extensive customer portfolio of large and midsize enterprises within banking, utility, public sector, securities and insurance, healthcare, and other verticals - enabling its customers to achieve compliance, reduce risk exposure, and maximize efficiency. Omada’s customers are predominantly based in Europe and North America.


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