Omada Launches Increased Connectivity, Customer Engagement, and Advanced Azure AD Premium Governance

Omada Launches Increased Connectivity, Customer Engagement, and Advanced Azure AD Premium Governance

Omada launches the newest version of the Omada Identity Suite (OIS) version 12.3, with increased standardization, connectivity, and customer engagement features, enabling organizations to achieve increased access management control and governance of identities, within and outside of the organization, as well as connect to the Azure Active Directory and Azure platform.

Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2017 – Omada today releases the Omada Identity Suite version 12.3, focusing on enhanced connectivity, customer engagement, Advanced Azure AD Premium Governance and standardization features.

The new version offers improved connectivity and partner community, increasing support for more business applications and systems, both for the improved security of all systems and applications in organizations, as well as ensuring a future proven solution by extending the ecosystem of alliance partners.

Meet your security, compliance, and efficiency needs when going to the cloud

Organizations today need advanced access governance controls across on-premise as well as on cloud-based resources to meet their security, compliance, and efficiency requirements.

Omada’s Identity Suite integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and provides the essential piece for a smooth transition to the cloud. The solution extends Azure AD Premium to provide fine- grained provisioning and lifecycle governance across enterprise systems on-premise or in the cloud:


·       360-degree view of all access rights in the organization via compliance dashboard for comprehensive access control

·       Automated detection of non-compliant access across identities, user contexts, accounts, entitlements from all application sources

·       Unique reconciliation process for comparison of actual state of data versus desired state to disclose out of band entitlements, resources, or applications

·       Single click remediation of non-compliant access

·       User-friendly self-service portal for access request supports request for Microsoft Apps including Office 365, cloud resources, and non-Microsoft apps with seamless integration to Azure AD Premium

·       Automated access changes based on identity lifecycle events such as join, move, or leave across all applications (cloud or on-premise) ensure access is granted and enforced in line with business policies or roles

·       Built-in policy features include a user context concept supporting temporary access for project members, automatically revoking access as defined

·       Automated provisioning of tiles and access changes to the Azure Active Directory Access Panel enabling efficient onboarding new employee or contractor

·       Automation of access certification and access review process, supported by data classification features to disclose high risk entitlements. Access review changes are automatically propagated to the Azure Active Directory Access Panel

·       Enforcement of policies for segregation of duties throughout a user’s lifecycle within an organization. Policies can be defined and enforced during access reviews or access request pro- cesses for additional control

·       Automated audit and compliance reporting with predefined reports that demonstrate the effectiveness of the iden- tity controls across the organization, reducing the burden on IT and improving visibility for the business

·       Cross system password synchronization of Omada Identity Platform covers all connected systems including AD, automatically propagating apassword change through Azure Active Directory and AD SSPR extension

·       Built-in governance of Azure infrastructure resources ensuring that cloud resources stay in control throughout their whole lifecycle


Simplify integration, enhance connectivity

Another asset in the release is the improved Omada reference architecture and Omada software development kit (SDK), which further simplifies integration and improves connectivity. The SDK among others offers generic OData, SCIM, LDAP and database connectors, API’s and extensive documentation, which makes it quick and easy to develop new integrations

Omada Identity Suit exposes a new OData REST API to the extent that all operations from the Enterprise Server Web user interface are possible through the OData REST API.

Omada has updated its platform to support OpenID connect and SAML, supporting Single Sign On scenarios via partners such as Ping Federate, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Google. 

Standardization and faster customer governance

Other new features include more out of the box business processes built on best practices, for both improved efficiency when installing and configuring the OIS solution and ensuring fast return on investment and maximum value for money, which offer enhanced standardization. Examples of these are improvements to the existing attestation feature that enables scheduling of recertification campaigns, improved access management of terminated identities and obsolete access rights, improved data management, supporting compliance demands, and improved authentication and authorization support.

The improved customer engagement refers to the Omada Customer Identity and Access Management solution first introduced in OIS version 12.2, which is now improved for faster engagement and registration of customers as well as advanced governance of customers and their access to digital services, expanded and now supporting Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

About Omada

Established in 2000, Omada has operations in North America and Europe, delivering solutions directly and via a network of skilled partners and system integrators.

Omada’s Identity Platform is recognized by Gartner in the ‘Critical Capabilities report for IGA’, where Omada received the 3rd highest scores in two out of four use cases.

Omada is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and three times global Microsoft Award winner of the Microsoft Identity and Secure Access Award, recognized for providing advanced identity and access governance scenarios utilizing the Microsoft stack. The Omada Identity Platform utilizes Microsoft technologies to provide enterprise-ready identity solutions across heterogeneous IT platforms, supporting hybrid scenarios. This is further enhanced in the newly launched version of the Omada Identity Platform (OIS v12.3). Omada’s certified solution is based on well proven components in the Microsoft technology stack like Windows Server, the .NET framework, SQL Server and BI services for enhanced analytics experiences.

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