KMD and Omada establish partnership on the delivery of user management as part of Managed Service offering for the Nordic market

KMD and Omada establish partnership on the delivery of user management as part of Managed Service offering for the Nordic market

Danish partnership between two strong Companies

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, May, 2017 - The Danish technology company Omada, market-leading within Cybersecurity/Identity Management & Access Governance, and KMD, Denmark’s largest IT supplier, today announced their partnership for delivery of user management systems to the Nordic market. The first client has already been secured.

In the partnership, the two companies will together offer private businesses a strong solution based on Omada’s unique IT security technology. KMD has gone into the partnership as part of its increased efforts in the IT security area. KMD currently offers a long line of products and services and recognizes a potential to link them to IT security solutions such as Omada’s user management solution. The solution automates and ensures efficient and correct user and access control and ensures compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

KMD has for a long period of time entered new strategic partnerships with suppliers of leading technologies and made acquisitions as well. It is a strategy that will position KMD as a solid and strong IT supplier, particularly within IT security.

Strong synergies

”We welcome KMD to our growing network of partners, and we look forward to working together. We see strong synergies in the partnership with KMD,” says Morten Boel Sigurdsson, CEO at Omada. ”Through the new partnership, clients will benefit from KMD’s Managed Service offering, based on Omada’s acknowledged technology product for user access management as well as Omada’s experiences in automating access processes built up over 17 years in Denmark and abroad”, continues Morten Boel Sigurdsson.

Major advantages of Managed Service offering based on Omada’s technology

KMD’s Managed Service offering gives private businesses the opportunity to outsource user access management to KMD. The solution offered, which is based on Omada’s strong technology product, allows clients to adapt processes and features to their own needs by means of configuration – in other words, without the use of development. It supports rapid implementation.

With Omada’s technology, clients get Identity Management & Access Governance processes tailored to their reality and needs exactly”, says Executive Vice President for Business & Infrastructure at KMD, Jesper Kryhlmand. ”By signing an operation agreement with KMD, clients no longer have to handle the establishment and operation of their IT security solutions. We are pleased with this cooperation, and the first client is already on board”, continues Jesper Kryhlmand.

Strong demand driven by increasingly stringent security requirements and the EU General Data Protection Regulation

”Omada’s technology is in high demand because it optimizes the security for clients through efficient user management processes. It is extremely important, not least in relation to the EU General Data Protection Regulation, that companies can manage and document who is allowed and has access to what data, and who authorizes the access. It is vital to automate Identity Management & Access Governance processes to comply with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, and many of the requirements can be fulfilled with Omada’s standard solution, which can be expanded and adapted as needed and without further development”, says Morten Boel Sigurdsson.

About Omada:

Founded in 2000, Omada is a fast-growing, independent IT security company. Omada provides identity management and access governance solutions and services. The company's innovative product portfolio offers customers an integrated set of core services including identity lifecycle management, compliance control, provisioning, and access risk management.

Omada provides its innovative identity and access governance solutions and services to an extensive customer portfolio of large and midsize enterprises within banking, utility, public sector, securities and insurance, healthcare, and other verticals - enabling its customers to achieve compliance, reduce risk exposure, and maximize efficiency. Omada’s customers are predominantly based in Europe and North America. 

Press contact:
Lisa Berg Rydsbo

Chief Marketing Officer, Omada

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