Comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation

IT security and compliance teams are facing significant demands from the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Download Omada's E-book on how to comply with the rigorous IT security requirements of the GDPR.



Omada E-Book EU GDPR    

The launch of the EU GDPR is a game-changer for businesses, as the regulation introduces both hefty fines for non-compliance and mandatory breach notifications – prospects that will shift the risk associated with data protection to board level attention. Additionally, the GDPR requires that organizations can demonstrate continuous compliance and be audit-ready at any given time.

Any organization that collects, processes, and stores personal data, such as names, titles, email addresses, IP addresses, financial information or health records, is affected by this regulation and is required to comply accordingly.

This e-book provides a high level guideline to how your organization can address the challenges posed by the GDPR, and get ahead of the curve by following Omada’s two-phased approach to GDPR Compliance.


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