Omada Risk Check Service

Omada Risk Check Service

Protect your digital assets




Instant business value to your organization

Omada's Risk Check Service powered by our software solution - Omada Identity delivers instant business value to your organization. The risk check provides a consolidated picture across a select number of critical business applications, such as ERP systems like SAP, Active Directory, and cloud applications.

Compelling insight of risk exposures

The outcome is a compelling insight of risk exposures related to granted access rights. The risk check will clarify which remediating actions are required in order to improve the security situation immediately, and enables the organization to adhere to stringent compliance regulations without putting constraints on innovation, growth, and user efficiency.

Monitor compliance continuously

Download the Omada Risk Check brochure to learn more about the step-by-step approach and how the solution can be expanded to monitor compliance continuously and in line with organizational changes.