IGA Total Cost and ROI Calculator

IGA Total Cost and ROI Calculator

Use industry-standard metrics to calculate the IGA return-on-investment including nine cost metrics

IGA Mini ROI Calculator - Omada

Use Financial Metrics to Justify the IGA Investment

Justifying the strategic investment in both time and resources to senior executives and the board is challenging - especially when they do not understand the underlying technology. Rather than educating them about the technology, justify the project based on financial metrics such as the return-on-investment (ROI).


This IGA Cost and ROI Calculator covers nine cost categories in the calculation that is based on a variety of third-party industry averages cost. The ROI calculator is based on organizations with more than 1000 identities. The costs cover the following metrics:

  • Fixed implementation costs
  • Software license costs
  • Deployment and ongoing maintenance engineers
  • Cost of resolving helpdesk tickets
  • User churn
  • Helpdesk calls
  • User productivity
  • Attestation costs
  • Security breaches

Get a flavor of the possible savings that you could gain by implementing an automated IGA solution – either on-premises or SaaS-based and prove to senior management that an on-premises or SaaS-based IGA solution gives significant return on the initial investment. This Cost and ROI Calculator uses industry-standard metrics to calculate the costs of running:
  • Manual identity management processes
  • An automated on-premises IGA solution
  • An automated SaaS-based IGA solution
It also calculates the ROI of upgrading your identity management from:
  • Manual processes to an automated on-premises IGA solution
  • Manual processes to an automated SaaS-based IGA solution
  • An automatic on-premises IGA solution to an automated SaaS-based solution

Costs of Managing Identities in YOUR Organization

Enter the number of identities in your organization and the costs will be calculated automatically below:

The approximate costs of managing your identities using different methods over a 3 year period are as follows:

Method Cost

ROI of Upgrading IGA in YOUR Organization

Based on your number of identities, the estimated ROI that you could gain over 3 years from upgrading your IGA solutions are:

Upgrade ROI

Next Steps

This simplified IGA Cost and ROI Calculator gives you an indication of the possible savings you gain by upgrading how you perform identity management and governance today. However, the calculations have been simplified using industry-standard averages and assumptions.
For example, for organizations above 10,000 users, we find that on-premises solutions often offer a better ROI than SaaS-based solutions.

Contact us to get a detailed ROI assessment that reflects the situation in your company. You can contact us by filing in the form below. Please also write the number of identities the assessment should be based on.

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Best Practice Process Framework

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) Best Practice Process Framework

The Omada IdentityPROCESS+ e-book is a comprehensive, best practice process framework, which describes the most important processes needed to ensure a successful IGA deployment. The framework has been developed with the goal of supporting successful IGA projects and has been created to help organizations implement well proven best practice processes.

Download e-book

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