Access Compliance Health Check

Access Compliance Health Check

Detect IT security weaknesses and determine your access risk exposure. Get a detailed compliance report with findings and recommendations including an executive workshop where these are presented.  

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The worldwide shutdown due to Covid-19 has forced your workforce to gain access remotely. This has put pressure on how to stay in control when it comes to IT security and business compliance.

Organizations need a quick way to detect security issues and determine the risk exposure in terms of controlling user identities and access rights. Omada has designed a compliance health check offering that enables fast detection and remediation of both access risks and IT-security weaknesses.

Omada provides a 1-week identity and access compliance health check based on our market-leading IGA as-a-Service to deliver a transparent access rights overview. The health check extracts identity and access related data and maps the access related risk areas in your IT environments in a view that highlights possible access risks, policy violations and any areas of concern. As part of the health check you get a detailed report on the findings and recommendations for mitigation.  

Omada Access Compliance Health Check includes: 

  • Audit and risk reporting delivering actionable insights 
  • Data quality review   
  • Highlight of critical issues such as dormant or orphan accounts  
  • Prioritization of mitigating actions 

The findings and recommendations will be presented at an executive workshop. The health check gives you important insight of your current compliance status, enables you to address any areas of concern and prioritize activities going forward (More details below).

This 1-week engagement priced at USD 7,500.00 / EUR 6.900,-  will give you a health check of your current risk picture and a specific report on the areas that need attention to address access rights related security and compliance needs.

Price until May 31, 2020: USD 5,300.00 / EUR 4.900,00

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The abrupt shift from typical on-site to remote working has tested our ability to quickly transform the way we work. A “new normal” is driving a large part of employees to work remotely from distributed workplaces (often private homes). The speed of which you can adapt to these needs has become a real competitive advantage for many businesses if not a direct pre-requisite for staying in business. 

However, while setting your workforce and systems up for this “new normal” you need not only to ensure you are fast and flexible – you also need to ensure you are in control and can manage the security and compliance risks associated with this. A large proportion of hacking and ransom attacks will use existing identities and associated access rights to get into your critical systems. This is true wherever your workforce is located but when having a large part of your workforce working remotely you are even more exposed to threats as:  

  • Home networks are often not configured to enterprise level security 
  • Employees might use private PCs or get new portable devices with outdated operating systems and un-patched software 
  • Several critical IT systems have not previously been open for remote access 
  • Entitlement policies and controls are not set up to support these situations 

If you furthermore are forced to make changes in your workforce – be that reductions, staffing of new employees or changes in work tasks across teams – you do not want to leave unmanaged accesses to you critical data and systems. Situations like these are about speed and flexibility – and being able to act fast in a controlled and documented way. 

Identity management is a key enabler to ensure your employees have the access they need and that your organization stay secure and compliant. Identity management enables you to: 

  • Quickly deploy and revoke access rights to your business-critical IT systems 
  • Manage access rights by role, location, organizational affiliation 
  • Enforce that the organizational security policies and segregation of duty policies are not violated 
  • Ensure that the user identities and access rights match the organization at any given time 
  • Get an overview of orphan accounts (account access with no valid Identity), identities without proper validation, dormant accounts, and more 
  • Document your level of compliance and the risks associated with you user identities and access rights 



A very effective way to get started is to conduct an Identity and Access Rights health check. We use our market leading IGA platform (OISaaS) to examine your authoritative identity system plus your Active Directory and via a set of advanced algorithms map the access related risk areas in your IT environment giving you detailed results in only 1 week.

OISaaS is a fully web-based service and will not require installation on your side. All that is required is access to your data from the related systems on which the standard Audit, Risk and Data Qality reports will run. All of this will be carried out by experienced Omada consultants who will also consult and collaborate with your team. 

Omada’s health check generates a set of reports, that highlight critical findings for instant remediation, and provides the basis for recommendations of required system amendments. The full report and its findings will be presented and discussed with you in an executive findings workshop. You will have insights into the current status that will allow you to directly address the areas in specific need and prioritize activities going forward.  


Identity governance is a key enabler to ensure your employees have the access they need and that your organization stays secure and compliant. Automated processes for identity governance allow you to:

  • Quickly deploy and revoke access rights to your business-critical IT systems
  • Manage access rights by role, location, organizational affiliation, or context
  • Enforce that the organizational security policies and segregation of duty policies are not violated
  • Ensure that user identities and access rights match the organization at any given time
  • Ensure that access granted complies with corporate policy or best practice policy
  • Get an overview of orphan accounts (account access with no valid identity), identities without proper validation, dormant accounts, and more
  • Document your level of compliance and the risks associated with you user identities and access rights
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