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Govern access, apps and infrastructure resources in hybrid scenarios, seamlessly integrating with Azure and Azure AD

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Seamless Integration Across Hybrid Platforms

Today’s hybrid IT environments require seamless access governance across both on-premise enterprise solutions and cloud-based services and platforms. This makes it challenging to ensure that the right people have access to the right information at the right time across cloud and on-premise applications.

An advanced identity and access governance process across cloud and on-premise is crucial to minimizing risk and maintaining security around identities and data. Omada Identity Suite provides advanced identity and access management where companies are using a hybrid of cloud and on-premise solutions.

Omada Identity Suite provides customers with the ability to deliver comprehensive identity management and access governance capabilities. This includes access requests, provisioning of users, accounts, applications, entitlements, and recertification across multiple platforms and systems.

  • Establish an overview of access data across hybrid IT environments
  • Monitor access to critical data
  • Validate and ensure that only the right people have access to critical data

Govern your users, applications, and cloud resources

Omada Identity Suite synchronizes with Azure AD and Azure native API. The integration enables all Omada Process Reference Model Workflows on Azure AD and Azure objects; providing full, fine-grained provisioning and lifecycle governance across identities, entitlements, O365 Applications, and Azure cloud resources.

Users and groups can be maintained as part of identity lifecycle processes, and assignment of for example Office365 licenses, access to enterprise applications and all Azure resources can be controlled via self-service processes or assignment policies in Omada Identity Suite.

With this integration, Omada Identity Suite can address the most demanding customer needs for compliance and identity governance. The integration enables segregation of duty (SoD) policy management, role based access control (RBAC) and other assignment policies, provisioning, validation/reconciliation, compliance reporting, and attestation/re-certification.

Close your governance gap across all cloud and on-premise platforms

Application and identity platforms are distributed across on-premise and cloud-based systems. Omada Identity Suite provides extensive governance and administration support for today’s hybrid environments. Under one instance of Omada Identity Suite, users can manage multiple Active Directory forests, and multiple Azure and Office 365 subscriptions.

Omada uniquely supports Microsoft’s on-premise and cloud-based identity management technologies and connects directly with Microsoft Identity Manager, On-premise Active Directory and Azure Active Directory Premium.

Within the same solution, Omada provides support for a wide set of users’ applications outside of the Microsoft domain through its extendable framework of connectors, including on-premises deployments of SAP, EPIC healthcare systems or RACF/Mainframe based banking systems. This creates full visibility and a strong foundation for comprehensive control across all of an organization’s applications, identities, and entitlements.

The Vendor of Choice for IT Organizations Utilizing Microsoft Platforms

The Vendor of Choice for IT Organizations Utilizing Microsoft Platforms

Enterprise IT infrastructure is on the move. The on-premise services have been moved to Azure and Omada Identity Suite is 100% compatible with the Microsoft technology stack. When Omada Identity Suite is deployed to traditional enterprise IT environment, it reuses the existing Microsoft architecture and takes full use of users’ Microsoft skills, processes, disaster recovery, and infrastructure capabilities. The Omada solution loads no additional technology burden to the IT team.

The Omada solution lowers the bar for enterprise cloud transition and ensures a smooth transition from the on-premise Microsoft infrastructure to the Azure cloud environment. Omada Identity Suite is agnostic to the underlying Microsoft stack and runs both on Microsoft Azure and traditional Microsoft on-premise environment. Therefore, all Omada Identity Suite capabilities and configurations of an on-premise identity management and access governance solution can be “forklifted” from on-premise to Private Azure instance or Omada SaaS service.

Solution Sheet | Omada Identity Governance and Microsoft Azure AD Premium

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